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Small Cell Connectivity & Powering

Lindsay Broadband – a leading manufacturer and global provider of specialized broadband transport products for the telecommunications industry – has the engineering knowledge and experience to design and build solutions to address the issues of power and backhaul for the small cell industry.

Lindsay’s LBDG/LBOG series of solutions empower the hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network to generate new, profitable revenue from existing assets that are in complete control of the operator with either fiber optic or DOCSIS® backhaul options. With a focus specifically on small cells, Lindsay’s solutions are capable of providing up to 400 W, 55.8 VDC (± 2%) system power from a quasi-square wave 40-90 VAC input. For AC output power requirements, Lindsay’s solutions are capable of providing up to 400 W, 81-90 VAC from a quasi-square wave 60-90 VAC HFC input, allowing for key street level installations.

AC to AC and AC to DC converters leverage the general availability of AC power on the operator’s HFC network. They also provide system power to any type of small cell radio, as well as any associated equipment that needs to be powered outdoors with an AC voltage source from the cable plant. Since power flexibility matters when deploying small cells, these converters are available in a variety of output power capacities, and with a number of output power ports. They are designed to maintain reliability with HFC uninterrupted powering, and thereby offer a great cost advantage over conventional powering schemes. All are strand, vault, pole, or wall-mountable.

The LBPS series of AC power supplies deliver a highly regulated voltage to their output ports by using a uniquely configured and actively switched multi-tapped autotransformer. The LBPS-250-ACPSU-HFC90V and the LBPS-400-ACPSU-HFC90V produce an 81-90 VAC quasi-square wave output from a quasi-square wave 60-90 VAC HFC input. They support up to 2 output ports up to a 250 W total load and 2-4 output ports up to a 400 W total load respectively. The LBPS-300-ACPSU-120V produces up to 300 W of highly stabilized, 120 VAC pure sine wave power from a 55-90 VAC sine wave HFC input. Power is delivered directly to the small cell via a strain-relieved, weatherproof 15’ SOOW power cable.

The LBPS series of DC power supplies provide highly regulated 55.8 VDC (± 2%) system power from a quasi-square wave 40-90 VAC HFC input. The LBPS-250-2 has 2 output ports supporting 250 W total load, and the LBPS-400-4 has 4 output ports supporting 400 W total load.

A variety of accessories are available to complete any small cell powering solution you may have.

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