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Network Powering (Standby & Non-Standby)

Lindsay Broadband provides industry-proven network powering solutions for cable TV and broadband outdoor powering. They are available in both quasi-square and sine wave formats, as well as standby uninterruptible power supply (UPS), and non-standby formats, for any plant application.

1350 VA and 900 VA output power capacity network standby UPS power supplies deliver reliable, uninterrupted, clean quasi-square wave HFC power. When utility line conditions become poor or fail, backup power is provided by a user-scalable bank of batteries selected by the desired run-time. A wide variety of battery chemistries can be used to tailor the power supply to different applications. Battery power is fed through an inverter module to produce nominal 63 VAC or 89 VAC power. Programmable line verification and transfer sensitivity systems provide seamless mode transitions ensuring voltage, frequency and phase stabilization, preventing false restores and transfer cycling. A vast array of user-programmable features allows the user to tailor the power supply to suit any circumstance. Optional HMS / DOCSIS® transponders are available for power supply telemetry.

Network non-standby power supplies are available in 480 VA, 900 VA and 1350 VA quasi-square wave output power capacities, as well as 180-540 adjustable VA and dual output 2200 VA sine wave output power capacities. All quasi-square wave power supplies provide fully regulated, clean, reliable HFC power using traditional constant voltage ferroresonant technology at an affordable price. A current limited output with short circuit protection and automatic restart upon removal of overload provide an efficient solution in an outdoor enclosure to withstand the harshest environmental conditions. The T-former series of sine wave power supplies uses a patent pending sine wave stabilization technology with an advanced electronic controller, which automatically monitors the line voltage and compensates for any changes, eliminating negative inrush current side effects resulting from utility power recovery. In addition, these power supplies operate in complete silence, solving noise and vibration problems inherent with other products. A dual output 2200 VA model is available for large powering applications. A variable 180-540 VA output model allows the operator to adjust the maximum output to the system’s required value, allowing the operator to pay a flat rate for the real energy consumed instead of paying for the power supply’s rated power. This can significantly reduce OpEx costs.

Lindsay offers a variety of options and accessories to provide a complete network powering solution to meet your specific requirements.

Network Standby Powering Solutions

Network Non-Standby Powering Solutions

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