LBLTE-PI-1.22 GHz 20 Amp Power Inserter


Power small cells with this low-cost Lindsay Tough HFC powered SMPS AC/DC converter. The Lindsay Broadband power inserter allows AC power to be routed from coaxial trunk and feeder lines for the purpose of powering LTE small cell power supplies.


  • 20 Amp current rating for central powering applications
  • 5-1220 MHz bandwidth
  • Low Insertion Loss
  • Rotational Seizure Mechanism for Aerial or Pedastal Installations
  • Double Polyurethane Coating for Greater Weather Protection
  • Interlocking Tongue and Groove Housing 120 EMI Isolation
  • Neoprene Weather Gasket 15PSI Water Proof
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Standard Fuse Holders for Bus Bars or Slow Blow Fuses
  • Compliant to SCTE Guidelines
  • Surge withstand C62.41.1991 IEEE C6241

Technical Specifications