LBPS-400-4: HFC Powered Small Cell AC/DC Converter

Power small cells with this low-cost Lindsay Tough HFC powered SMPS AC/DC converter.

Powering flexibility matters when deploying small cells at street level utilizing your HFC infrastructure. The Lindsay LBPS-400-4 can be strand, vault, pedestal and wall mounted delivering up to 400 Watts to power multiple devices via 4 ports.Designed to maintain reliability with HFC uninterrupted powering while offering a cost advantage over conventional powering schemes. The LBPS-400-4 is a great addition to our small cell network architectural tool kit developed for the Cable industry to deliver industry standard, highly reliable, managed, mission critical and power to small cells. Lindsay Broadband manufactures both indoor and outdoor small cell gateways.


  • Die-cast aluminum housing (clamshell design)
  • Mounting configurations: wall, pole, vault, mast, or strand
  • Dual gaskets provide 15-PSI weather-proof seal
  • Temperature cycled, from –40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F)
  • Designed to protect against surges
  • Cable plant-powered (40-90 voltage AC)
  • 6Kv Surge protection
  • HFC access with Lindsay Broadband 100 Series
  • Hardline directional coupler or power inserter
  • Single and dual power ports available
  • Coax power interface protects RF performance of HFC plant
  • Capable of powering multiple small cell devices

Technical Specifications

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