LHA38RM 1.2 GHz RF Multi-Dwelling Amplifier

The Lindsay exclusive multiple dwelling amplifier delivers reliable performance supporting DOCSIS®3.1 frequencies to 1.22GHz. The unique design allows for seamless upgrade configurations from 42/54, 85/102 and 204/258 by simply exchanging filter sets- future proofing upstream bandwidth requirements.

Model LHA38-RM applications for advanced HFC network installations in apartment buildings. hotels, schools. hospitals and similar facilities having high RF amplification requirements. Designed with high gain, this amplifier

can be mounted directly to a wall with increased heat dissipation properties and low power consumption. This amplifier runs cool reducing operational costs. The ultimate two-way upgradeable amplifier uses the latest 1.22GHz GaAs-Fet Push Pull technology providing superior distortion performance

and low noise. Technician friendly on board unique equalizers enable equalization and slope setup with simple resistive attenuators, greatly reducing operational expenses. With an IP rating of 68 and a padlock feature the LHA38-RM can even be installed outdoors where indoor access is difficult to obtain.


  • Wall mount aluminum die-cast
  • Heat dissipation finned design
  • IP68 rating for indoor/ outdoor applications
  • Operating temperature range -30ºC a +55ºC
  • 38dB forward gain, 24dB reverse gain
  • JXP type resistive attenuators unique control
  • -20dB external test points
  • Surge protected to 6kV on all ports
  • 40-90 VAC external power, 15 VDC and mains 100-240 VAC powering
  • Seamless upgrade 42/54, 85/102 and 204/258 MHz for field upgradeable between DOCSIS®3.0 to DOCSIS®3.1

Technical Specifications