LRSA004SM / LRSA008SM 1.0 GHz MoCA-Enabled Multimedia Home Phone Port Subscriber Amplifiers

Provide uninterrupted lifeline service with these unity gain, forward/reverse multimedia amplifiers that incorporate a standalone passive home phone port with MoCA-enabled options.

Power outages can take down vital voice and data signals. Lindsay’s LRSA reverse-active subscriber amplifiers avoid that outcome by incorporating a completely standalone passive home phone port to route all voice and data signals. Available in a five- or nine-port design, the compact, environmentally-hardened amplifiers feature upstream and downstream unity gain and power insertion options on home phone and video ports. Pre-assembled Network Interface Unit (NIU) and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) options are also available.Features

  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Corrosion-resistant epoxy coated 360° aluminum
  • 15 PSI pressure tested
  • Passive home phone port
  • Five- or nine-port outputs
  • Upstream & downstream unity gain
  • SCTE compliant F-Port
  • SCTE compliant surge withstand
  • SS ground & mounting hardware
  • Power pack short circuit protection; UL listed
  • MoCA-enabled options
  • Powered by 120 or 220 VAC wall adapter
  • Power LED indicator
  • Optional pre-assembled NIU
  • Diplex filters available in 42/54 & 85/102 MHz
  • Power insertion available on phone & video ports

Technical Specifications