Galvanic Isolators (GxV)

Lindsay’s galvanic isolator series are used to separate the subscriber’s network equipment from the CATV network system as well as protect the network equipment from electrical hazards (ie. voltage surges or lightning). It is an effective and practical solution to prevent various types of hazardous surges for Customer Premise Equipment (CPE).


  • Class A – CENELEC EN50083-2 (Screening Effectiveness)
  • EN/IEC 60728-11:2010 (Safety Requirements)
  • 5-1218 MHz Bandwidth
  • 1, 2 or 3 Port Splitter Design
  • Protection for Network Equipment against Power Surges
  • Superior Isolation and Return Loss for Return Path
  • 6 kV Surge Protection
  • Standard Contact Pins
  • Compact Design with Zinc Alloy Die Cast Housing & Tin Plated Soldered Back
  • Two Ground Screws (Available)
  • CE & RoHS Compliant

General Specifications

  • Surge Withstand Capability:
    • Fwd IN 6kV 3kA, 8/20us Combo Wave IEEE 587 (C62.41-1991), Category B3 Standard
    • Fwd OUT 6kV 200A, 0.5-1000kHz, Ring Wave IEEE 587 (C62.41-1991), Category A3 Standard
  • F Connector: SCTE Compliant IPS-SP 400
  • Operation Temperature: -40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F)
  • RFI Shielding: -120 dB

Technical Specifications

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