1.22GHz LBIDT Extreme Bandwidth Indoor Digital Subscriber Multitaps

Lindsay’s extreme bandwidth indoor multitaps deliver highly reliable, superior performance for tomorrow’s advanced 1.2 GHz cable TV networks.

The LBIDT series of digital subscriber multitaps are specifically designed for use in all transmission applications for RF, digital telephony, QPSK and QAM data. Lindsay-engineered low intermodulation ferrite material and blocking capacitors prevent high level ingress in the reverse path from affecting forward signals; essential when providing high-speed cable modem service. Increased reliability, performance and quality are achieved through the use of premium PCB materials, Hi-Q Surface Mount Technology (SMT) components, improved ferrite core and winding technology, and a through board multiple grounding system.

  • 5 MHz to 1.2 GHz bandwidth
  • DOCSIS® 3.1 compatible
  • Minimum 110 dB RFI shielding
  • Low intermod distortions < 100 dB
  • 75 ohm impedance
  • 6 kV Ring Wave surge protection
  • Integral ground block
  • Tongue & groove, nickel-plated, zinc alloy housing
  • 15 PSI waterproof
  • 200 G center conductor retention
  • Machined F connectors on 1″ spacing
  • Blocking capacitor on all ports
LBIDT multitaps

Technical Specifications

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