Lindsay Broadband’s RF products include a wide range of hardened and high-performing solutions for the outside plant and customer premise.

Amplifiers: Line, MDU and subscriber amplifiers (return active, return passive, with mini and equalized models). Line amps are available with power inserter and all others with UPS systems.

Line extenders: Lindsay’s high output 1.2 GHz bi-directional broadband line extender is perfect for low cost per mile HFC deployments.

MoCA: Two-way Multimedia over Coaxial Alliance (MoCA)-ready unity gain amplifier and lowpass point-of-entry filter.

Hardline passives: The LG and 100 series include directional splitters, couplers and power inserters, with the 100 series featuring a tier of advanced products and functions.

Multitaps: Surge resistant, 1.2 GHz multitaps enable efficient, low-loss distribution of signals from hardline to drop cable, featuring options such as multiple dB levels and continuous through-signal housing.

Subscriber passives: Customers demand high quality service. Lindsay’s subscriber passives meet those needs with splitters, taps and filters.

Galvanic isolators: Several versions of galvanic isolators offer separation and protection from the network.

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