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RF Solutions

1 GHz MoCA®-Enabled Multimedia with Home Phone Port Subscriber Amplifiers (LRSA004SM/8SM)

Provide uninterrupted lifeline service with these unity gain, forward/reverse multimedia drop amplifiers that each provide a standalone, passive home phone port with MoCA®-enabled options.

Power outages can take down vital voice and data signals. Lindsay Broadband’s LRSA004SM/8SM reverse-active subscriber drop amplifiers avoid that outcome.  They each incorporate a standalone, passive home phone port to route all voice and data signals.

Available in a 5- or 9-port designs, these compact, environmentally-hardened amplifiers feature upstream and downstream unity gain and power insertion options on home phone and video ports. Preassembled network interface unit (NIU) and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) options are also offered.

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