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RF Solutions

1.2 GHz Upgradeable Return Bandsplits MDU Amplifier (LHA38RM)

This Lindsay Broadband multi-dwelling unit (MDU) amplifier delivers reliable performance supporting DOCSIS® 3.1 frequencies to 1.2 GHz. The unique design allows for seamless upgrade configurations from 42/54, 85/102 and 204/258 by simply exchanging plug-in filter sets, thereby future-proofing upstream bandwidth requirements.

The LHA38RM amplifier is designed for advanced HFC network installations in apartment buildings, hotels, schools, hospitals and similar facilities having high RF amplification requirements.

Designed with high gain, this 2-way, upgradeable amplifier uses the latest 1.2 GHz GaAs FET push-pull technology to provide superior distortion performance and low noise. This amplifier can be mounted directly to a wall, and further reduces operational costs with increased heat dissipation and low power consumption. Technician-friendly, universal JXP-style pads are used for attenuator and equalizer functions in both directions, simplifying the increased response required out to 1.2 GHz.

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