The Lindsay MDU-UPS is a backup power system allowing cable operators to maintain constant power to critical network equipment during mains electricity outage.

This Lindsay MDU-UPS system delivers increased home phone reliability & Q0S for all advanced digital services in MDUs, office buildings, hospitals & schools where traditional standby power is not an option. Traditional UPSs consist of bulky expensive outdoor equipment mounted indoors by a certified electrician. Lindsay’s specifically built UPS delivers 10 hours of battery backup with zero millisecond power transfer time, output overload & battery over discharge protection in a lockable, polycarbonate enclosure. A cost-effective, installer-friendly system ready to mount on a wall. Simply add the Lindsay ONU50 optical node or LHA35RM RF amplifier and plug into a standard 110 VAC outlet.


  • Lockable, vented, wall mount, polycarbonate enclosure
  • 12-hour battery backup system
  • O ms power transfer time: AC > Battery > AC
  • Battery over-discharge protection
  • Green/red UPS status LEDs
  • Aluminum diecast amplifier housing
  • Many amplifier gains & bandsplits available
  • Indoor 100-240 VAC power pack
  • Surge protection of 6 kV on all ports

Technical Specifications