LB-TFPS 180-540 VA Non-Standby Adjustable Output Power Supply

The LB-TFPS-180-540-90UI T-former power supply is a stabilized pure sine wave adjustable output (180 to 540 VA) power supply offering the highest efficiency and using the most reliable technology. The ability to adjust the maximum output power of the LB-TFPS-180-540-90UI power supply to a system required value allows the operator to pay a flat rate for the real energy consumed instead of paying for the power supply rated power. This can significantly reduce OpEx costs. The output current at 90 VAC can be limited from 2 to 6 amps in 1 amp increments with a simple DIP switch setting.

As well, with a higher efficiency and almost double the lifetime of comparable ferroresonant products, it delivers at least 5% energy savings compared with quasi-square wave standard systems.

Using a unique US patented AC/AC variable ratio transformation and an advanced electronic controller which automatically monitors the line voltage and compensates for any changes, a pure sine wave with ultimate voltage regulation (90 VAC ± 2 VAC) is delivered to the output at all loads. In addition, negative inrush current side effects resulting from utility power recovery are eliminated. Line conditioning enables the changing of gears in 0 time zero crossing. This smooth online transformation between gears provides clean AC pure sine voltage without any RF noise.

The T-former power supply operates in complete silence solving noise and vibration problems inherent in existing ferroresonant products. All of Lindsay’s T-former series power supplies are designed to work over a wide range of temperatures and humidity without maintenance, at full power capacity. 100% of Lindsay’s T-former units undergo rigorous and repeated quality testing.


  • Adjustable maximum output power (180 to 540 VA) allows a flat rate payment for the real energy consumed instead of paying for the power supply rated power, reducing OpEx costs
  • 95% efficiency at a wide range of loads further lowers operating costs & a savings of at least 5% on energy compared to ferroresonant power supplies can be realized
  • Unique US patented AC/AC variable ratio transformation provides ultimate voltage regulation & pure sine voltage output at all loads
  • Line conditioning enables the smooth online transformation between gears in 0 time zero crossing providing clean AC pure sine voltage without any RF noise
  • Input & output voltage are completely isolated
  • Lower capital cost per unit compared to traditional ferroresonant devices
  • Longer life unique technology enables almost unlimited lifetime
  • No noise, no vibration
  • Soft start provides inrush current protection, solving the most inherent problem of ferro-based power supplies
  • Automatic electronic overload protection protecting the network & minimizing fuse blow when momentary short circuits occur
  • Output voltage & current (1A = 0.1V) test points

Technical Specifications

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