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Powering Solutions (LEON®)

400 W AC to DC Converter for Small Cell Power (LBPS-400-4)

Powering flexibility matters when deploying small cells at street level utilizing your hybrid fiber coax (HFC) infrastructure. Power small cells with this affordable, Lindsay tough, HFC-powered SMPS AC/DC converter.

Lindsay Broadband’s LBPS-400-4 can be strand, vault, pedestal, pole, mast or wall-mounted, delivering up to 400 watts to power multiple devices via 4 ports. It was designed to maintain reliability with HFC uninterrupted powering, while offering a cost advantage over conventional powering schemes. The LBPS-400-4 is a great addition to Lindsay’s small cell network architectural tool kit, developed for the cable industry to deliver industry standard, highly reliable, managed, mission critical power to small cells.

This AC to DC converter is powered by standard 40-90 VAC HFC quasi-square wave system voltage. A pair of highly efficient, custom designed SMPSs are used to deliver fully isolated 55.8 VDC power to the external load(s). The SMPSs employ output overload limit circuits to protect against any load faults.

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