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250 & 400 W AC to AC Converter for Small Cell Power (LBPS-250/400-ACPSU-HFC90V)

Lindsay Broadband’s LBPS series of HFC-powered AC/AC converters can be used for several applications. Customers can power small cells with this cost-effective AC to AC converter, or save on costly powering upgrades when using the device as a Remote PHY power booster. Each LBPS AC/AC converter utilizes a controller which monitors the input voltage level, and operates a solid-state, zero-crossing switching circuit which controls a 5-tap autotransformer. This is done in order to ensure an optimal 81-90 VRMS output voltage over an input voltage range of 60-90 VRMS.

The LBPS-250-ACPSU-HFC90V device provides up to 250 W with 2 output ports, while the LBPS-400-ACPSU-HFC90V device provides up to 400 W with 4 output ports. These converters were developed to deliver industry-standard, highly reliable, mission critical power to small cells.

Remote PHY deployments can be simplified by using the existing coax infrastructure to send power from a pre-existing HFC power supply to a distant Remote PHY node, thereby eliminating costly plant powering upgrades. The I2R loss of coax cable and the resulting voltage drop is easily overcome by using this device as a power booster. The device will boost line voltage back to 81-90 VAC to feed the Remote PHY Node+1, +2 or +3 actives after the node. Cost savings of up to 25% can be realized.

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