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Powering Solutions (LEON®)

Small Cell Power

Lindsay Broadband – a leading manufacturer and global provider of specialized broadband transport products for the telecommunications industry – has the engineering knowledge to design and build solutions to address the issues of power and backhaul for the small cell industry.

Lindsay’s solutions empower the HFC network to generate new profitable revenue from existing assets that are in complete control of the cable operator with backhaul options of either fiber optics or DOCSIS®. With a focus specifically on small cells, Lindsay Broadband’s powering solutions provide up to 400 W 55.8 VDC, or up to 400 W of 81-90 VAC power from the HFC plant, allowing for key street level installations.

With the rapid growth of smartphones and mobile data traffic, mobile network operators (MNOs) are scrambling to install compact, environmentally-friendly femto, pico and microcells throughout their footprints. These support that growth, boost their coverage and capacity, and maintain or even enhance subscriber quality of service (QoS), without breaking the bank or building new cell towers and fiber lines.

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