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Powering Solutions (LEON®)

Portable LiFePO4 2560 Wh/2000 W 120 VAC Generator (LBACG-2560)

Lindsay Broadband’s LBACG-2560 is a green alternative to portable gas or natural gas-powered AC generators without compromising power or performance. Featuring 2.56 kWh of energy storage and a 2.0 kW continuous (4.0 kW surge) power output, this innovative design uses a high capacity LiFePO4 battery (constructed using premium LiFePO4 cells) and a high efficiency AC inverter to silently produce clean, regulated 120 VAC, 60 Hz sine wave power. This tough unit is perfect for HFC and telecom applications to replace portable gasoline generators in power outage situations or on technician vehicles where the capacity of this unit can be pushed to its limits. Power anything from network power supplies, small cell radios, tools and cell phone chargers, to fiber optic splicers, or even a small A/C unit. Battery capacity can be doubled by quickly and easily connecting two LBACG-2560 units in parallel. This portable, rugged generator is easily transported in a vehicle trunk or the bed of a pickup truck. Charging is accomplished from the 882 W AC mains charger (full charge in 3 hours) or from the integrated solar charge port.

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