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Powering Solutions (LEON®)

Indoor/Outdoor NIU UPS Small Enclosure with 10 Ah UPS (NIU-UPS-S-NF-10AH)

Lindsay Broadband’s NIU-UPS-S-NF-10AH is an indoor/outdoor, network interface unit (NIU)/CPE device small enclosure with a Value-Regulated Lead-Acid (VRLA) uninterruptible power supply (UPS) backup power system to provide operators with the ability to maintain power delivery during AC main electricity outages. This UPS system delivers 12 VDC to virtually any 12-15 VDC advanced device including subscriber amplifiers, GPONs, ONTs, cable modems, and RFoG or mini nodes. It features 10 Ah hours of battery backup with zero millisecond power transfer time, output overload and battery discharge protection. This compact housing is a C/UL listed, lockable, polypropylene enclosure ready to power any external Lindsay or third-party NIU/CPE device.

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