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Powering Solutions (LEON®)

12V 3A LiFePO4, VRLA, AGM, GEL Battery Balancer/Equalizer (LBUPS-BBAL)

The Lindsay Broadband modular battery balancer/equalizer works with series connected 12 V broadband batteries to ensure proper balancing in the string. It is compatible with lead-acid, AGM, GEL and LiFePO4 battery chemistries and can be used with all existing battery management systems (BMS). Designed to actively transfer energy from the highest charged battery to the lowest charged battery, the LBUPS-BBAL allows batteries to equalize. A voltage differential of 1 V will draw a current of 3 A whereas, a 300 mV differential will draw 1 A. Using these balancers in a string with slight battery capacity differences allows more usable energy capacity out of the string by transferring energy into the lower charged batteries from other higher charged batteries. LEDs indicate whether the balancers are in balance, charging other modules, or are receiving a charge from other modules.

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