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2200 W Dual Output Pure Sine Wave Network Non-Standby Power Supplies (LB-DTFPS-2200-90UI)

Lindsay Broadband’s LB-DTFPS-2200-90UI dual-port power supply is part of our T-former family of pure sine wave output power supplies.

These devices use a patent pending, stabilization technology, variable ratio transformer and an advanced electronic controller to provide hybrid fiber coax (HFC) networks with a pure sinusoidal waveform free from any RF noise at top efficiency. AC/AC variable ratio transformation and the advanced electronic controller monitor the line voltage and automatically compensate for any changes, providing ultimate voltage regulation and a pure sine voltage at all loads. Line conditioning enables “gear” changes at zero-crossing. Soft start solves the largest problem associated with ferroresonant supplies – inrush current resulting in circuit breaker tripping during start up, and utility power recovery. Electronic overload protection protects the network and minimizes blown fuses when momentary short circuits occur.

The T-former family technology has a 95% efficiency over a wide load range, saving at least 5% of energy costs over standard systems. With double the life expectancy of legacy ferroresonant products, these power supplies were specifically developed by Lindsay for use in advanced CATV networks. Each output port is capable of 20 A maximum, with a LB-DTFPS-2200-90UI total output maximum of 25 A.

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