Fiber Optical Service Cable

Lindsay Broadband Optical Service Node Cable Customization Performance Reliability

The Lindsay Broadband Optical Service Cable product family are custom built to your requirements; (# of fibers, length, type of connector, jumper style or pigtail style). Specially designed feed – through 5/8” x 24 housing adapter prevents cable and transition cables from twisting.

All cable assemblies are manufactured using Floating Fiber Technology (FFT™) to prevent fiber bending causing increased attenuation due to temperature changes.

Standards compliant and Lindsay TOUGH.


  • Custom cable and transition lengths
  • Available in most connector types including MTP
  • Fully water blocked.
  • Our 5/8” x 24 feed through adapter prevents cable rotation during installation.
  • Corning fiber, loose tube, armoured or unarmoured, and indoor/outdoor Plenum
  • Cable available.
  • ITU-T G.657B bend insensitive fiber optional
  • FFT™ (Floating Fiber Technology) allows fiber movement in the transition assembly during temperature changes.
  • Hytrel lined tubing will remain flexible at low temperatures.
  • 100% tested for Insertion loss and return loss.
  • Telcordia GR-326 and GR-20 compliant

Technical Specifications