Lindsay Broadband LBAP-2000H is our new generation 1550 CATV EDFA and PON Combiner using an EDFA/EYDFA co-doped Fiber Amplifier. Each output port of the optical amplifier has a built-in WDM filter allowing for convenient pairing with each OLT port. The CATV 1550nm wavelength is multiplexed with the PON 1310/1490nm wavelengths within the same chassis allowing for reduced cabling and rack space while at the same time improving system reliability. Available in a variety of output powers and multiple outputs. Powered by Dual Switching Power Supplies for Redundancy. Multifunction Touch Screen display monitors parameters, Trouble Alarms and has set-up menu’s. LBAP-2000H offers a low cost solution, perfect for large coverage FTTH applications.


  • 1550nm RF/PON WDM combiner
  • Total Touch Screen LCD
  • Output Power 27~40dBm
  • >40dBm Power is Available
  • User Friendly Management System
  • Optical Dual Redundant Power Supply
  • 3 Level Cooling System
  • Micro Processor overheating protection

Technical Specifications