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Optical Solutions

XTENDR® HFC Repeater (XT)

Lindsay Broadband’s XTENDR® HFC repeater is designed for easy extensions of existing HFC networks. The XTENDR device provides a suitable migration path and cost-effective connection of customers in rural areas. It uses fiber optics without overbuilding the coaxial footprint of the HFC plant.

Customers who could not be reached before with the traditional hybrid fiber coax (HFC) network can now be served by using the XTENDR HFC repeater, in combination with Lindsay Broadband’s LBON series of mini RFoG nodes at the customer premise.

The XTENDR device includes a forward optical transmitter with an optional, optical amplifier. It provides high-output power to convert downstream RF signals to optical, and reverse optical receivers to convert upstream optical signals to RF.

Up to 32 rural subscribers can be reached within a distance of 20 km (65,000 ft/12.5 mi) using this device. Many other designs can be implemented to serve up to 64 rural subscribers from a single device within 9.5 km (31,680 ft/6 mi).

The return receivers in the device are DOCSIS® 3.1 capable, up to 204 MHz upstream bandwidth, wideband (1240-1620 nm; except 1540-1560 nm) multi-diode receivers. Available diplex filter splits are 42/54, 85/102 or 204/258 MHz. The maximum downstream bandwidth is 1218 MHz.

The XTENDR HFC repeater can be mounted on a strand or a pole and is outdoor-rated for operation from -40°C to +60°C (-40°F to +140°F). The device comes in an IP65 outdoor-rated housing. It can be powered locally through a dedicated powering port, or remotely by combining power on the RF port with 40-90 VAC HFC power. Power consumption is less than 21 watts.

Lindsay Broadband offers end-to-end solutions to extend your existing HFC network, including designing your network using the XTENDR HFC repeater, optical passives, and RFoG CPE devices.

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