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Optical Solutions

SuperTap® Hardened Connector Feed & Drop Cables for Multiport & Flexible Service Terminals (LB-FD)

Lindsay Broadband’s pre-terminated outside plant (OSP) cables provide easy fiber to the x (FTTx) installation and termination using existing hardware and installation methods for drops to homes and businesses. Its small profile is a major space saving feature. It is designed for rapid connection to external flush-mounted bulkhead adapters on terminals or closures.

The ruggedized SuperTap connector is an outside plant hardened SC/APC connector compatible with industry standard legacy OSP terminals. The hardened single-fiber drop cable assembly is specifically designed to significantly reduce the time and effort required for drop cable installation.

The 5.0 mm LSZH round fiber cable is also available with a special type of interchangeable connector. This new universally interchangeable connector is designed to make the installation procedure much simpler, and it provides the most cost-effective and quick method of deploying fiber in outside plant distribution networks. The new universally interchangeable connector is compatible with various industry standards and legacy hardened connector systems making it versatile for deploying FTTx solutions. The connector assembly is a guaranteed easy one-step connection system with combined push-pull insertion and nut-style mechanical latch.

Each universally interchangeable cable comes with 3 adapter types – a standard SC/APC adapter, a Corning® OptiTap®-style adapter and a Huawei® Fiber Access Terminal-style adapter. Just screw on the adapter type needed for the application. This streamlines the field installation logistics and ordering for operators who use multiple types of hardened connector systems and terminals.

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