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Optical Solutions

Access Platform Power Supplies (LB-1000-PS)

Lindsay Broadband’s LB-1000-PS series is a family of high-performance, stable power supplies for the LB-1000-CH chassis. They are available in both AC-DC and DC-DC options. The LB-1000-CH is shipped with the requested AC or DC power supply module(s) pre-installed in the chassis. The power supplies are installed in the 2 slots in the rear panel of the rack, so do not occupy any of the 18 application module slots.

The output of the power supplies is 12 VDC that is distributed via the power bus rail to all the application modules. A single power supply module is enough to power a fully-loaded LB-1000 platform. However, 2 power supply modules are recommended for redundancy and load sharing operations.


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