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Optical Solutions

Access Platform 1550 TX Modules (LB-1000-DT-55)

Lindsay Broadband’s LB-1000-DT-55 series is a family of high-performance 1550 nm direct modulated analog transmitters. These 1550 nm transmitters are an integral part of the high-density LB-1000 headend platform developed to support and enhance the deployment of hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC), fiber to the home (FTTH), as well as RFoG (Radio Frequency over Glass) network architectures.

The LB-1000-DT-55 transmitters use a high-performance, distributed feedback (DFB), direct modulated laser (DML) with a single optical output power of 8 or 10 dBm. With a built-in pre-distortion compensation circuit, the LB-1000-DT-55 series transmitters provide excellent composite triple beat (CTB) and composite second order (CSO) performance.

Module parameters can be monitored and configured through the LB-1000-CM system management control module using the touch screen or by using a PC (web GUI or SNMP agent).

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