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Optical Solutions

High Power Multiport EDFA/PON Combiner (LBAP-2000H)

The LBAP-2000H is Lindsay Broadband’s new generation 1550 CATV erbium-doped fiber amplifier (EDFA) and PON combiner using an EDFA/EYDFA co-doped fiber amplifier. At a cost-effective price with high performance, the LBAP-2000H is an excellent solution for large coverage fiber to the home (FTTH) applications.

Each output port of the optical amplifier has a built-in G/EPON WDM filter, allowing for convenient pairing with each OLT port. The CATV 1550 nm wavelength is multiplexed with the PON 1310/1490 nm wavelengths within the same chassis. This allows for reduced cabling and rack space, while improving system reliability.

The LBAP-2000H EDFA/PON combiner is available in a variety of output powers, has multiple outlets, and is powered by dual-switching power supplies for redundancy. The multifunction touch screen display monitors parameters, trouble alarms, and has setup menus.

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