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Optical Solutions

1550 Single Output EDFA (LB5155D)

Lindsay Broadband’s LB5155D series of rack mount erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFAs) excel with low noise and high performance.

They offer single optical output powers from 14-24 dBm, in 1 dBm steps. The LB5155D EDFAs provide optical isolation on the input and output for stable, low-noise operation. Auto output power stability control (APC) and auto temperature control (ATC) are standard features.

The LED front panel display is used to provide monitoring and associated alarms for all vital parameters. The LB5155D EDFAs are equipped with RS-232, RJ45 communication interfaces for system network management. Powering is 110-240 VAC or 40-72 VDC. Optional hot-swappable, dual-switch mode power supplies are available.

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