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Optical Solutions

1310 nm Transmitter (LB1310TC)

Lindsay Broadband’s LB1310TC series of rack mount optical transmitters are high linear, low noise, high performance, distributed feedback (DFB), direct modulated (DML) lasers with single optical output powers from 6-30 mW in 2 mW steps.

The LB1310TC has an AGC/MGC switch that adjusts for variations in RF input levels, along with Optical Modulation Index (OMI) adjustment. It also has auto output laser power stability control (APC) and auto laser temperature control (ATC) as standard features. The LED front panel display is used to monitor all functional transmitter parameters, including output laser power, laser bias current, cooling current, temperature, manual gain control/automatic gain control (MGC/AGC) state, and OMI value. The LB1310TC is equipped with RS-232, RJ45 communication interfaces for system network management. Optional hot-swappable, dual-switch mode power supplies are available.

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