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Optical Solutions

Innbox M84 EasyMesh™-2 Wi-Fi® Extender (LBB-3054)

Iskratel’s Innbox M84 is the building block of the EasyMesh™-compliant, mesh Wi-Fi® solution. This will end annoying stream buffering and drop-offs in places where the Wi-Fi signal is too weak or impossible to penetrate, while extending support visibility through the operator-focused Innbox software.

Numerous Wi-Fi devices can connect to the wireless network due to multi-user MIMO (MU-MIMO) technology embedded in the Innbox M84. Smart quality of service (QoS) management allocates bandwidth intelligently to ensure smooth streaming, gaming, downloading and uninterrupted video chat in parallel. In addition, wired devices can be connected in remote locations using the four Gigabit Ethernet ports available.

The mesh solution with the Innbox M84 implements a single SSID and password. It enables handover functions without service interruptions, and ensures the devices are always connected to the Wi-Fi network with a strong signal.

Innbox M84 devices deliver quick and easy setup – standalone or together with Iskratel’s customer premise equipment (CPE).

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