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Innbox CPE Overview

Lindsay Broadband offers the Innbox line of customer premise equipment (CPE) which includes GPON and XGS-PON bridging ONUs, GPON gateway ONTs, Ethernet Residential Gateways (RGs), and EasyMesh™ Wi-Fi® extenders. These superior Iskratel products from Lindsay Broadband offer triple-play services with the user’s quality of experience (QoE) in mind.

Flexible deployment is ensured with one-box and two-box deployment offerings. In a one-box deployment, the Innbox home gateway is connected over any of the supported access technologies directly. In a two-box deployment strategy (supporting multi-operator and multi-technology layer 2 bridging), the first (demarcation) box provides the media-conversion from PON (or other) to Ethernet, while the residential gateway connects via Ethernet to provide the necessary networking and security capabilities.

The Innbox GPON and XGS-PON ONUs minimize the fiber handling and device complexity by providing a stable and intelligent PON protocol adapter as a discrete box. This maximizes the operational investment per customer, providing full remote management, while allowing for second-box flexibility and technology upgrades.

The Innbox GPON ONT complies with the latest ITU-T G.984 and G.988 standards, designed to meet the demand for high-speed connections with full gigabit routing engines, custom SIP clients, Wi-Fi spectrum monitoring, detailed debugging, and troubleshooting interfaces.

The Innbox Residential Gateways (RGs) are designed to provide a unified management interface for the operator between the one-box ONT deployments and two-box ONU/RG deployments.

The Innbox EasyMesh Wi-Fi extenders gracefully negotiate with a compliant controller, such as on the G8x ONT products, to extend existing Wi-Fi services into hard-to-reach areas while providing remote Gigabit Ethernet bridging connections.

The Innbox CPE family relieves operators from unnecessary help desk tickets, solving issues in a fraction of the time. Preventative diagnostic polling and full visibility enable the Innbox CPE operators to optimize and modify settings remotely, with operational savings of 30-70% reported.

By periodically checking in with a TR-069 auto-configuration system, the CPE can seamlessly integrate with existing management systems, while extending the visibility and control of the managed device through intelligent vendor extensions to the data model.

Lindsay Broadband and Iskratel have partnered to offer expert support and optimized device settings for your network, customized layout and menu options to meet your specific needs, and to ensure a more robust security and increased level of support.

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