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Innbox CPE Customization

Operators strive to meet two goals while introducing customer premises equipment (CPE) into their network. First, they need to streamline the process of connecting devices and services by minimizing manual configuration. Second, they need to promote their brand recognition by making the user experience (UX) match their corporate identity and public image. Lindsay Broadband offers the Innbox CPE customization tools, which allow operators to meet these goals with optical network terminals (ONTs) or Ethernet-based residential gateways (RGs).

Two standard programs are available – the Innbox Constructor, and Turnkey Software On Demand. The Innbox Constructor allows operators to customize the feature-rich generic Innbox software on their own by changing the visibility of menu options, changing the colors and logs on each page, creating privileged support accounts, and more. Turnkey Software on Demand allows customization far beyond generic functionalities and user experience towards a unique CPE experience that is defined by the operator’s market demands.

One advantage of customization is zero-touch configuration to deploy new services instantly, with immediate accessibility to the operator’s management system. Manual configuration is no longer necessary which reduces operator costs dramatically, while ensuring this version becomes the “default” and cannot be reverted.

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