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SI3000 Lumia Overview & Chassis

Lindsay Broadband offers Iskratel’s line of SI3000 fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions. These solutions are ideal for all types of end users and services – from ultra-fast Internet or premium HDTV to business connectivity or bandwidth-hungry apps from the cloud. They support physical and virtual unbundling, bitstream and open broadband access, making them applicable for all business models and multi-provider environments.

Extremely scalable, the SI3000 Lumia fits all deployment types, from high density urban to low density rural areas. It incorporates a modular design, multiple chassis sizes, and intelligent network processor-based access cards that switch Ethernet traffic towards the central control card.

The Iskratel SI3000 Lumia is also a pioneer in the area of software-defined broadband access. With early introduction to the market, this next-generation platform was field-proven years ahead of the competition. Empowered with a unique awareness of services and apps, the SI3000 Lumia allows operators to justify their investment regardless of specific business needs or use cases.

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