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SI3000 Lumia Central Switching Blade (IDK) (LBB2240)

Lindsay Broadband offers Iskratel’s high performance central switching and management blade for the SI3000 Lumia chassis. Each card provides 1 Tbps switching capability over multiple 10GE network interfaces and is extensible via an AMC slot. With its advanced carrier-class network functionalities and various types of uplink interfaces, it is an Ethernet switch and aggregation platform for subscriber blades and external network elements. Advanced network functionalities provide flexible options for residential, business, and mobile backhauling, along with various network topologies using either L2 switching or L3 routing.

An AMC extension slot offers the possibility to expand the number of uplink interfaces, provide local storage with x86 support, or add new features such as Synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) and Precision Time Protocol (PTP) synchronization.

When duplicated, the central blades can employ a dual-unit stacking (DUS) mode for high availability and redundancy. The DUS mode provides stacking into a single, non-blocking switching entity, offering 40 Gbps per slot and flexibility in terms of network topologies such as rings. In DUS mode, the two central blades are seen as one device with a single management IP address.

Highly flexible and redundant uplink connections to the network can be achieved by using multi-chassis link aggregation, or a distributed xSTP protocol between two central blades.

An Ethernet ring built with standard ERPS can include multiple shelves, offering sub-50 ms resilience, comparable to those provided by SDH rings.

For improved switching flexibility, either 802.1Q-compliant VLAN bridging or 802.1ad-compliant provider-edge bridging can be used.

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