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LTE FDD or LTE TDD Local Area Small Cell Radios (LBSC-Ax)

Lindsay Broadband’s LBSC-Ax device is a small form factor local area LTE FDD (Frequency Division Duplex) or LTE TDD (time division duplex) small cell radio, supporting by default, a single cell capable of providing up to 100 mW (FDD) / 250 mW (TDD) RF power per antenna port.

It is intended for deployment in enterprise, public urban and suburban scenarios where, typically, a planned inside-out/outside-in deployment of small cells will complement macro coverage. This adds significantly to network capacity by offloading the macro and increasing the available coverage in enterprises, venues, shopping centers, urban hotspots, etc., or as a single-layer, ultra-dense, small cell-only network.

Lindsay’s LBSC-Ax can also be deployed for fixed wireless access deployments in urban/suburban scenarios, in addition to remote and rural settings.

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