1 GHz Compact MDU Amplifier (LA35R)

Lindsay Broadband’s LA35R compact, multiple-dwelling unit (MDU) broadband distribution amplifier is a full-featured, 2-way, 1 GHz indoor station capable of 44 dBmV output with superior distortion characteristics and low noise. […]

1.8 GHz Extreme Bandwidth Outdoor Multitaps (LExMT1G8)

Lindsay Broadband’s extreme bandwidth outdoor multitaps deliver highly reliable, superior performance for tomorrow’s advanced 1.8 GHz cable TV networks. The LExMT1G8 series of taps has been designed with the future […]

1.2 GHz Inline Cable Simulators (LB-F-CS)

The LB-F-CS is a reverse slope equalizer also known as a cable loss simulator, due to its electrical curve being similar to coaxial cable loss. The expanded frequency range meets […]

1.2 GHz Inline Equalizers (LB-F-EQ)

The forward EQs compensate the forward path tap loss in a standard cable tilted signal environment, with greater loss at lower frequencies than higher frequencies. The expanded frequency range meets […]

Optical Attenuators (LB-ATT)

Lindsay Broadband’s plug-in, single-mode attenuators offer high quality and excellent performance ranging from 1-30 dB. Each attenuator is made with continuous light absorbing and metal-ion-doped fiber, which offers excellent environmental […]