DOCSIS® HFC PoE Gateways

Lindsay Broadband’s hardened DOCSIS® hybrid fiber coax (HFC), power over Ethernet (PoE) gateways use standards-based DOCSIS cable modems that are completely under the control of the cable operator. Enable your […]

Optical HFC PoE PON Gateways

Lindsay Broadband’s optical, hybrid fiber coax (HFC), power over Ethernet (PoE), passive optical network (PON) gateways enable high-speed Internet services to any IP device connected to the Ethernet port via […]

Optical HFC PoE Gateways

Lindsay Broadband’s hardened optical, hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC), power over Ethernet (PoE) gateways enable your preferred IP devices and value-added hotspot.

PoE++ DOCSIS® Gateways 90 W Output (LBDG-S90 Series)

Enable your preferred access point (AP) or IP camera with Lindsay Broadband’s cost-effective, tough, DOCSIS®-based infrastructures utilizing up to 90 W 802.3bt Type 4 complaint. Flexibility matters in 802.11 deployments. […]

PoE++ DOCSIS® Gateways

Lindsay Broadband’s PoE++ DOCSIS® gateways allow the use of high-power PoE++ devices on the hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) strand.

120 VAC-Powered Wi-Fi® Access Points (9000HAP Series)

Lindsay Broadband’s 9000HAP series power over Ethernet (PoE) 802.11 Wi-Fi® access points (APs) are Lindsay-tough, hardened, lightning and surge protected, one-box solutions. When nature threatens, take advantage of PoE when […]