Keeping You Connected.
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About Us

We Are Now – a division of Technetix group.

With 70 years in the business, Lindsay Broadband understands the global cable, wired, and wireless communications industries. Only the best components enter our manufacturing facility. And, only the toughest products leave it.

We offer technologically advanced, end-to-end solutions – built to withstand nature’s extremes, maintain network reliability, and meet custom requirements.

We offer cutting-edge solutions, while still maintaining our legacy solutions. We have a strong backbone. We don’t shy away from keeping a footprint in older technologies that aren’t supported by others. We are here to support our customers with the technologies needed to keep them connected.

We have an impressive history of industry firsts in innovative R&D aimed at driving additional revenue for our customers.

Keeping You Connected

Timeline & Technology Firsts


  • Founded by John Thomas. Quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of off-air antenna products worldwide.


  • Developed wide bandwidth passives & amplifiers to tackle the craving for more entertainment services.


  • Designed the first silicon-based 300 MHz amplifiers, which became the standard for North America.
  • Established contracts to build state-of-the-art networks for MSOs in Belgium, Austria & Switzerland.


  • First North American manufacturer to deploy networks in China & Taiwan, totaling over 2,500 systems.
  • Instrumental in the creation of a cable TV industry in South America.


  • Largest worldwide supplier of ultra-high bandwidth passives during network upgrades.


  • Expanded operations to Russia with a sales office in Moscow.
  • Designed & manufactured 1 GHz multitap to address rebuild requirements & reverse provisioning.


  • First manufacturer to design & deploy HFC-powered, strand-mounted Wi-Fi®.


  • First manufacturer to deploy 4-port HFC gateways for IP traffic & security connectivity.


  • First manufacturer to deploy HFC PoE power supplies to power third-party IP equipment.


  • First manufacturer to deploy indoor DOCSIS® LTE small cell backhaul gateways.


  • First manufacturer to deploy HFC strand-mounted, LTE small cell demarcation gateways.


  • Implemented 1.2 GHz engineering upgrades to 100 series hardline passives in readiness for the launch of DOCSIS 3.1.


  • Engineering completed advanced design of a premise RFoG node (LBON500AC) with a PON pass through port offering both 1 & 10G wavelengths.


  • Engineering completed design of a game-changing MDU amplifier to 1.2 GHz (LHA38RM is field-upgradeable to DOCSIS 3.1 frequency splits 42/54, 85/102 & 204/258MHz).


  • Launched LB-1000 optical access platform to complete RFoG end-to-end solution.


  • Created Power Solutions Division – LEON® (Lindsay Ever On Networks).


  • Launched XTENDR® HFC repeater – combine with LBON series of CPE RFoG ONUs to address rural broadband connectivity solutions.


  • Engineering completed reliable, cost-effective, end-to-end broadband network rebuild solutions tool kit – 1.2 GHz: segmentable optical node, mini-bridger, line extender; 1.8 GHz – hardline passives, multitaps.


  • Launched “powered by NUE” solutions to provide green/clean energy to networks & communities in crisis via LiFePO4 portable AC generators & LiFePO4 batteries.


  • Launched line of fiber access terminals & supporting cables.


  • Lindsay is acquired by Technetix Group Ltd – Lindsay Broadband | a division of Technetix group.


  • Lindsay celebrates 70 years of Keeping You Connected with Tough Tech | Proven Performance.


  • Achieved industry first-ever certification (UL/CSA/CE) for safe, HFC network, LiFePO4 broadband batteries.

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