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Game-Changing UPS LBP-UPS-F

Fiber to the home represents a practical way to future-proof cable TV networks and generate revenue for decades to come. But FTTH also places new demands on the network providers. Once end users are connected to fiber optic networks, they expect what fiber delivers — fast connection, high throughput, and 24/7 service with no interruption.

Lindsay Broadband introduces the LBP-UPS-F, a new uninterruptible power supply designed for fiber optic RFoG networks.

This game-changing UPS is the smallest footprint UPS available in the industry today. By design, it delivers longer life, higher performance, greater reliability, and easier installation and service at a lower cost than any other UPSs on the market.

The Problem

Cable TV professionals revealed high levels of frustration with the many problems inherent in standard UPSs. UPS units were bulky and hard to work with during installation and service calls, battery life and runtime were both too short, poor design resulted in connectivity problems, and batteries wore out too fast.

Bottom line, the cable operators saw the lifetime cost of UPS units climbing out of control.

The Solution

The LBP-UPS-F is designed with long-life components, is easier to install and service, delivers reliable power, and costs less than conventional solutions. The LBP-UPS-F is designed around a lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery and is designed for 8 hours of battery backup with a 400 ma load.

Longer Life

Complementing and extending the Li-ion battery’s already long life, the LBP-UPS-F takes a new approach to battery charging with its innovative thermal positioning technology. A microprocessor-controlled thermistor is employed to decide when to charge the batteries.

Units are commonly mounted in subscribers’ power closets, garages, or attics, where temperatures can fluctuate by as much as 100 ˚C. Other commonly used UPS chargers simply continue to charge the battery as though it is 25 ˚C continuously, applying a constant charge voltage regardless of the environmental conditions. This kind of flat-line charging reduces battery life, ultimately costing cable TV operators more in service and replacement costs. Overcharging these batteries causes heat, battery failure and, in extreme cases, can cause a meltdown of the UPS.

More Flexible Installation

Moving away from bulky lead acid battery solutions allows the Lindsay LBP-UPS-F to take on a very small form factor of 78 x 156 x 44 mm and only 0.45 kg. Complete with input and output SCTE-compliant F connectors, this game changing UPS can be installed virtually anywhere.

Bottom Line

Your Business, Your Money
The LBP-UPS-F is designed to help you, the operator, improve your business operations and reduce your costs. So we ask you to consider a few important questions:

  • How many batteries did your company replace last year?
  • At what cost?
  • Would you like to have even half of that money back?

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