About Lindsay Broadband

Headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Lindsay Broadband is a designer, manufacturer and integrator of broadband communication solutions. Lindsay’s range of technologically advanced, proven solutions are helping communication service providers deliver new business services from their networks, find new sources of revenue, and meet the exponentially growing data needs of business and consumers. Lindsay’s solutions include end-to-end RFoG, fiber deep, GPON/XGS-PON, 1.2 GHz HFC plant (soon to be 1.8 GHz), in-home networking, MDU solutions, network standby and non-standby powering, CPE UPSs, small cell and backhaul solutions, HFC gateways, Wi-Fi® access points, and many other revenue generating solutions. Founded in 1953, Lindsay distributes its solutions globally.

Timeline & Milestones

Lindsay Broadband has a proud history of playing a key role in the worldwide communications industry over the last 65+ years. Here are some of our company milestones:

Lindsay Broadband founded by John Thomas, quickly became one of the largest manufacturers of off-air antenna products worldwide.

Developed wide bandwidth passives and amplifiers to tackle the public’s craving for more entertainment services

Designed the first silicon based 300 MHz amplifiers which became the standard for North America.

Established contracts to build state of the art networks for MSOs in Belgium, Austria and Switzerland.

First North American manufacturer to deploy networks in China and Taiwan totaling over 2500 systems.

Instrumental in the creation of a Cable TV industry in South America.

Largest worldwide supplier of ultra-high bandwidth passives during network upgrades.

Expanded operations to Russia with sales office in Moscow.

Designed and manufactured 1 GHz LGT multitap to address rebuild requirements and reverse provisioning.

First manufacturer to design and deploy HFC-powered strand-mounted WiFi.

First manufacturer to deploy 4 port HFC gateways for IP traffic and security connectivity.

First manufacturer to deploy HFC POE power supplies to power 3rd party IP equipment.


First manufacturer to deploy indoor DOCSIS LTE small cell backhaul gateways.

First manufacturer to deploy HFC strand-mounted LTE small cell demarcation gateways.

Engineering upgrades to hard line 100 Series passives extend bandwidth to 1.22 GHz in readiness for the launch of DOCSIS 3.1®

Engineering completes advanced design of a premise RFoG node (LBON500AC) with a PON pass through port offering both 1 and 10G wavelengths.

Engineering completes the design of a game-changing multiple dwelling amplifier to 1.22 GHz. The LHA38RM is field-upgradeable to DOCSIS 3.1 frequency splits 42/54, 85/102 and 204/258MHz.

Launch of LB-1000 optical access platform completes the RFoG end-to-end solution (line includes TXs, return path RXs, switches & EDFAs).  This new series complements the LBAP-2000H high powered EDFA/PON combiner.

Building on recent successes with LTE small cell powering solutions, the Power Solutions Division is created. LEON™ (Lindsay Ever On Networks) solutions for Remote PHY and LTE deployments are added: network UPS power supplies, 24-hour customer premise UPS systems, non-standby power supplies, and pure sinusoidal power solutions.

Introduction of new GPON/XGS-PON fiber broadband access solution. Available in 4, 6 and 14RU high density chassis and an optimized 1RU standalone pOLT. Complemented by a variety of customer premise ONUs and ONTs.


Engineering completes reliable, cost-effective, end-to-end broadband network rebuild solutions tool kit. Introducing 1.2 GHz segmentable optical node (LBON4200), 1.2 GHz mini-bridger (LB-MB120A), 1.2 GHz line extender (LBLE120A), & 1.8 GHz hardline passives & multitaps.

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