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Service providers in more than 40 countries trust Lindsay Broadband with the linchpin of their networks: their last-mile link to the customer. Why? Because Lindsay’s distribution products are built to withstand nature’s extremes, maintain network reliability, and conform to custom requirements.

With 65+ years in the business, Lindsay knows the cable, wired, and wireless communications industries. Only the best components enter its manufacturing facility; only the toughest products leave it. Lindsay’s RF, optical, powering and business connectivity solutions connect today’s most discriminating operators with demanding end users around the world.


Lindsay supports many network architectures / solutions. Several examples include: In-Home Networking, MDU Solutions, RFoG End-to-End Architectures, Fiber Deep Architectures, GPON with RFoG Overlay, Network Standby Powering, Network Non-Standby Powering, Small Cell Powering, HFC Business Connectivity Solutions, and PoE Business Connectivity Solutions.

Product Spotlight

Lindsay’s LBON820ACT bi-directional, OBI-free, WDM, 8-port RFoG node is designed for Fiber to the Tap (FTTT). Operators can use this device in place of a coax cable TV multitap to extend fiber to each tap location in brownfield applications.



Only the best components enter Lindsay Broadband’s manufacturing facility – only the toughest products leave it.

LEON powering solutions

LEON (Lindsay Ever On Networks)

Network Standby UPS Power Supplies, Network Non-Standby Power Supplies, CPE UPS Systems, Small Cell Powering, & Repair Services


Outdoor, PoE++ Optical Backhaul Demarcation Devices

Line Extender


1.2 GHz Line Extender

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